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The ultimate house price search - where buyers and sellers can easily guage property values and price changes over time.

Combining simplicity with innovation, using the cleanest interface and clearest presentation of data, we look forward to unleashing more industry firsts over coming months...

  Search for prices in any UK street, town, city, district, or postcode

  Current price estimates revealed for every known sale. Probably the most accurate estimates in the UK.

  Calculations for properties with multiple sales, including Absolute Price Change, Percentage Change, Average Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Change, Annual Percentage Growth Rate, and Compound Annual Growth Rate

  Discover house prices across the country with our 'Surprise location' feature - an industry-first.

  Group/ungroup sales by property. Probably the best house price sales grouping in the world.

  Sort house prices by Address, Sale Date, Sale Price, Estimate, Price Change, Yearly Change, Annual PGR, Compound AGR, and Property Type.

  Show/hide columns with preferences automatically saved

  Show/hide Google Map and Streetview with preferences automatically saved

  Find the fastest and slowest appreciating properties in areas you follow.

  23,092,750 recorded sold prices in England and Wales

  Last updated on 29th January 2018 with 83,538 sales

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